At M&A Engineering our guiding principles are quality and value. By investing in the best machinery, employing only the most skilled engineers and always striving for an exemplary level of customer service, we are able to provide services which set us apart from our competition.


Our work is of the very highest standard and has led to us building an enviable reputation both locally and internationally.

As well as always striving to provide a better service for our customers, we are also always looking at ways to increase the value you receive. By working from our purpose built facilities in Milford Haven and using processes which have been streamlined using decades of collective experience, we are able to deliver all our services at extremely cost effective prices. 

More than anything, when our customers choose to work with us, we want them to know that they are receiving the best possible service at the best possible price, every time.

If you would like to know any more about the way M&A operates, or our very high safety and quality standards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

M&A Engineering | In Situ Machining & On Site Machining


Our customers are some of the biggest in the world. We specialise in providing, and executing engineering solutions and on-site services designed to maintain the integrity of production and process plants.



Every member of the M&A Engineering team take responsibility to protect themselves, colleagues, customers and the community we impact. This ensures a safe and accident free work environment.

The Team | M&A Engineering | In Situ Machining & On Site Machining


We are a team of experienced, highly skilled engineers and professionals with extensive backgrounds in engineering.

The Team | M&A Engineering | In Situ Machining & On Site Machining

Jonathan & Leanne Mortimer

Company Directors

The Team | M&A Engineering | In Situ Machining & On Site Machining

Lyn Davies

Senior Machining Supervisor

Some Of Our Highly Skilled Machining Team